Write your

Master Thesis

faster, better, easier!


Scientific texts. Without errors.

Spelling, grammar, non-scientific words, gendering, and more…

Have your text checked by Mimir Mentor


Precise phrasing. To the point.

Mimir reformulates your text scientifically using artificial intelligence.

Have your text scientifically reformulated by Mimir Mentor


From bullet point to sentence. Without long pondering.

Mimir’s artificial intelligence shapes your thoughts into scientific sentences.

Have your bullet point formulated by Mimir Mentor

“I don’t even know what to correct there. This is such good and precise English. It’s really fun to read.”

Supervisor and corrector of an internship report written with the help of Mimir Mentor

Simplify scientific work

Do you want to accelerate your research process? Thanks to innovative features, Mimir offers you the opportunity to expand and manage your literature with relevant publications. Use our smart features to keep an overview of your literature inventory and bring your scientific work to paper.

Get started with Mimir now!

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