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Find Sources in Text

Have you misplaced a source or are looking for more information on a statement in the text? Perhaps you’ve read something and can’t remember where the statement came from. Mimir directly finds the corresponding sources from your text.

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Paraphrase – Rearrange Sentences

Paraphrases are common during the writing process. Quickly, several minutes have passed for just one sentence. With this function, we speed up and simplify this process by giving you ideas on how to differently phrase or rearrange a sentence.

Elaborate on Bullet Points

Save yourself the long pondering over the correct elaboration of your bullet points or just get suggestions on how an argument could fit into your text. With this function, Mimir enables you to do both.

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More Features

Whether it’s about scientific translating, summarizing, or continuing writing – at Mimir Mentor, you’ll find exactly the function that suits you.

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