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“Good literature is the fundamental building block of research”

Search Sources

Effortlessly sift through over 200 million sources and quickly and accurately find the information you need – simple and intelligent.

MM WEB Literature – 9
MM WEB Literature – 7 1

Find Gaps

Integrate various authors and current sources to enrich your literature. Fulfill all to-dos for a well-founded and multi-layered literature research.

Quality > Quantity

Give your research a quality boost: Mimir evaluates your literature and finds sources from top journals and renowned authors that give your research the finishing touch.

MM WEB Literature – 8
MM WEB Literature – 1

All Information at a Glance

Discover important details about your sources at a glance: availability in open access, citation frequency, and many more.

Summaries of Findings

Mimir makes it easy to gain an overview of essential search results without overlooking important characteristics of a source.

MM WEB Literature – 2
MM WEB Literature – 3

Find Similar Sources

Find new literature based on one or more sources to get to the information you’re looking for faster.

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